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Playing with Links

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Playing with Links

It’s been a while since I went three days without a new post, but I’m tuckered out from my trip to RiverRun, which went very well. It’s a friendly festival with good movies that really seems to have its act together, and audiences were plentiful and quite engaged. (Great Q&A’s, at my movie and others.) The timing worked out so I got to interview director James Bai of Puzzlehead, who was out there at the same time, so you can expect that feature later in the week, to coincide with my New York Press review of his movie. Also, be sure to check back in tomorrow morning for a review of tonight’s Sopranos episode.

And peruse the sidebar at right. By popular request, I’ve grouped links from some recurring topics (Terrence Malick, Robert Altman, television-related stuff) and regular features (5 for the Day, From the Short Stack) under common headings so they’re easier to find. If anyone has any additional sidebar suggestions, post them below.

Matt Zoller Seitz is the founder of The House Next Door.