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Oscar 2013 Winner Predictions Editing

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Oscar 2013 Winner Predictions: Editing

As you might have noticed from our previous Oscar posts, one of the hottest topics among we Slant prognosticators is just how many trophies Argo is capable of collecting. Certain races (like Adapted Screenplay) have stirred up debate, but we all agree that Picture and Editing are surely Argo’s to lose, the latter thanks to the sharp, tension-mounting cuts of William Goldenberg, and, of course, that undying surge of support for “wronged” helmer Ben Affleck (natch, the film’s ACE triumph doesn’t hurt either). History has long proven that the Editing and Picture victor are often one and the same, and if there’s anything normal about Argo’s steady rise to the top, it’s the probable furthering of that time-tested tradition. Of course, it’s conceivable that Life of Pi’s likely tech-awards mini-sweep could reach this category, too, yielding a win for Tim Squyres, the man who spliced together all those bioluminescent set pieces. Squyres has a stronger shot than, say, Michael Kahn, who’s on par with all the other creatives who made Lincoln soar, but is also set to join them in the Corner of Ignored Subtlety. Silver Linings Playbook was an ACE winner as well, taking the top prize in the comedy/musical field, but like The Descendants, it’s a knee-jerky, head-scratcher of a nominee. Our favorite? Oh, it’s Goldenberg all right, but we prefer his ace (sorry) work on Zero Dark Thirty, which he also cut, along with Dylan Tichenor.

Will Win: Argo

Could Win: Life of Pi

Should Win: Zero Dark Thirty