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Oscar 2012 Winner Predictions Makeup

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Oscar 2012 Winner Predictions: Makeup

One could argue that voters might feel compelled to use this final opportunity to throw the highest-grossing film franchise ever a bone for its last chance at bat. In fact, one already has. And since we’ve already established that the Harry Potter series’s dismal Oscar record actually means the Academy does not, in fact, like the movies very much, better to zero in on the other two nominees. Both nods are primarily in support of Best Actress contenders, both emphasize understatement (at least compared to werewolves—or vampires imitating Edith Piaf), and both attempt to remain largely chameleonic. In the end, though, we expect the drag kings of Albert Nobbs to do just as they would be expected to do at any mixed gay bar in real life: Step aside and make way for the drag queen tearing men down at the knees in The Iron Lady.

Will Win: The Iron Lady

Could Win: Albert Nobbs

Should Win: glowpinkstah, Bella Swan