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Oscar 2011 Winner Predictions Editing

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Oscar 2011 Winner Predictions: Editing

Because this year has turned into one of the more unexpectedly unpredictable Oscars in recent history, and because we have to redeem ourselves after falling on our asses with our 2010 predictions, we’ve been forced to play things a little more conservatively than we would like, not exactly predicting a blitzkrieg for The King’s Speech, but something close to it, understanding that the film’s appeal hasn’t quite reached the obscene levels recently documented and exploited by a shameless Harvey Weinstein, and that when the Academy likes something, well, it really isn’t shy about showing it. But can the film take Best Film Editing?

Because this category often anticipates the winner of Best Picture, this is naturally a nail-biter between The Social Network and The King’s Speech. Of course, if any of the rage-infected theatergoers interviewed outside the Gateway Arch for that King’s Speech trailer linked above reach the AMPAS-member hot zones of L.A. and New York in time, this may be another lost cause for The Social Network, or maybe sanity will prevail—as it more frequently does in the tech categories—and the award will go to the winner of the Eddie, which, though it doesn’t always anticipate the Best Picture winner, has predicted the winner here for 10 years without fail.

Will Win: The Social Network

Could Win: The King’s Speech

Should Win: The Social Network