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Oscar 2011 Winner Predictions Animated Feature Film

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Oscar 2011 Winner Predictions: Animated Feature Film

How to explain How to Train Your Dragon winning 10 Annie awards? Maybe Pixar was right that the group’s voting procedures are stacked in favor of DreamWorks Animation movies, or maybe they’re not and the voting body decided to punish Pixar for not making an effusive awards push for Toy Story 3. Since the highest-grossing film of 2010 doesn’t exactly need to remind anyone of its existence, or excellence for that matter, and since Kung Fu Panda inexplicably laid waste to WALL-E at the Annies two years ago, we think Pixar might have Annie’s number. Whatever you think, though, it seems unlikely that How to Train Your Dragon will best Toy Story 3 at the Oscars given the larger AMPAS voting body that will dutifully null any DreamWorks-versus-Pixar drama that may carry over into the Oscar race. There’s also Toy Story 3’s five nominations to How to Train Your Dragon’s two. In short: We don’t see Oscar pulling a Grammy here. With a nomination for Best Picture, Toy Story 3 losing this award would be as much of an upset as, well, Arcade Fire winning Album of the Year.

Will Win: Toy Story 3

Could Win: How to Train Your Dragon

Should Win: Toy Story 3