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Oscar 2009 Winner Predictions Picture

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Oscar 2009 Winner Predictions: Picture

Because it pushes that button. Because it makes them feel like sitting on trains. Because you know Sharon Stone texted Dev Patel: U R A Q T. Because it got them wondering why everyone got hustle on their mind. Because they like the sound of them knocking on the doors of their hummers. Because Bucky done gone. Because they shake their ass, making moves on a mover. Because Indian chicks, they get men laid. Because of gold and diamond gems and jades. Because of painted nails, sunsets on horizons. Because the price of living in a shanty town just seems very high. Because they’re sick of all the shit that’s keepin’ them down. Because it got them to whistle, whistle, blow, blow.

Will Win: Slumdog Millionaire

Should Win: Not The Reader or Frost/Nixon