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OK–NY: An Appreciation of the Lighthouse Theater

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OK–NY: An Appreciation of the Lighthouse Theater

5. There’s also that musical about Oklahoma that seems to never go away. Hillbillies do have a proclivity for singing and dancing.

Even though there are plenty of DVDs to watch around here, people in Oklahoma still enjoy going out to theaters to watch live entertainment. And for those of us lucky enough to attend an evening at the Lighthouse Theater in Edmond, Oklahoma, the live entertainment provided by this unique endeavor will live long past its unfortunate closure.

“Lighthouse” was so named not because of its proximity to seawater, but because the theater director sought to focus on “light” entertainment in a “house” environment rather than dramatic pieces in a traditional theater. The last Lighthouse production, Greater Tuna, featured the amazing talents of two well-regarded local actors who made the play a showcase for their own fun and amusement, as is the purpose of the piece. Written by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard, Greater Tuna is an uncanny portrait of small town Americana, and for those of us who live here it is an unsettlingly accurate image of our neighbors and relatives.

Just as the residents of Tuna, Texas think the world outside their town is “just plain weird,” many Oklahomans find big-city life complex and confusing. But as it is with so many relationships, opposites often attract, and we inevitably find ourselves drawn to that which we find so beguiling. The enchanting spell of New York City shall likely draw Oklahomans, in all number of ways, for years to come.

Shelby Button resides in rural Oklahoma and occasionally watches movies. He posts over at Liverputty.