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My Good Last Day

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My Good Last Day

I have nothing fresh for you today, folks. Although I am still covering TCA Press Tour in Pasadena, I attended few sessions, and instead spent most of my waking hours filing upcoming Star-Ledger features in my hotel room and making domestic-related phone calls. My younger brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Valentina, had their first child back home in the east, a girl. A photo of said infant will be posted in this space soon. In the meantime, content yourself with the placeholder above.

Recent articles include a Star-Ledger review of the new season of 24 (a bitch to write, with so many spoilerish events packed into the premiere’s first 15 minutes) and this week’s New York Press column, in which I praise When the Sea Rises and register certain objections to A History of Violence and Brokeback Mountain. Also check out Armond’s column, in which he beats down Woody Allen. Odie, would you like to loan Mr. White your cane? He’s good about returning things.

If, however, you prefer death to birth (and what movie fan doesn’t?), look below, where yesterday’s death scenes discussion rages, with strange detours into Ken Kesey-related catharsis.

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