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Music Video: Lana Del Rey, "Ultraviolence"

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Music Video: Lana Del Rey, “Ultraviolence”

Lana Del Rey has unveiled the music video for the standout title track from her latest album, Ultraviolence. Donning an understated wedding dress, the singer strolls casually through a garden, peeling an orange and putting the succulent fruit to her pillowy lips, and nibbling on the cameraman’s fingers. (We never see him, so it’s unclear if it’s her groom or someone else.) Directed by Francesco Corrozzini and shot in handheld, Super 8-style, “Ultraviolence” is a throwback to Del Rey’s early DIY videos. She’s proven she can do high-pitched narratives well (see “Tropico”), but the new video is another reminder that she excels at low-concept too.