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Justin Timberlake Gets Knocked Out in Music Video for "TKO"

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Justin Timberlake Gets Knocked Out in Music Video for “TKO”

The music video for “TKO,” the second single from Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, plays as a sort of reverse companion piece to the singer’s “What Goes Around…Comes Around.” The plot, presented non-chronologically in the seven-minute mini-movie, goes something like this: After unceremoniously banging his girlfriend, played by Lisa-Marie Presley’s actress-model daughter Riley Keough, on the kitchen counter (natch), she clocks him with a frying pan, ties him to the back of a pickup truck, and hauls him out to the desert. Aside from a few technical quibbles (the apparent day-for-night shots and the fact that JT creates very little in the way of a dusty wake despite being dragged at high speeds through the arid sand are a little distracting), the Ryan Reichenfield-helmed clip is far more inventive than the by-the-numbers song itself. It wouldn’t be giving too much away to say that things don’t end well for the former boy bander. Watch for yourself:

Timberlake kicks off the 20/20 Experience World Tour at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on November 6th.