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Music Video: Britney Spears, "Perfume"

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Music Video: Britney Spears, “Perfume”

I still maintain that the lyrics to Britney Spears’s new single seem to liken the singer to an animal marking her territory with liquid waste, but there’s no doubting that “Perfume” certainly achieves its objective, lingering long after its gone. Brit’s vocals leave much to be desired (she sounds like a cat mewing when she drawls the word “threeeee”), but the hook, in all likelihood attributable to co-writer Sia, is an unqualified earworm. And the understated music video, directed by Joseph Kahn and featuring prominent product placement of Britney’s “Fantasy” fragrance (natch), successfully shows a more mature side of the pop star. One nagging question remains though: What did she slip her two-timing, rippling-abbed beau so he wouldn’t wake up while she lies in bed beside him belting out the song’s chorus? Watch the video below:

“Perfume” is the second single from Britney’s eighth album, Britney Jean. The singer begins a two-year Las Vegas residency on December 27th.