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Listen to M.I.A.‘s New Single "Come Walk with Me"

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Listen to M.I.A.‘s New Single “Come Walk with Me”

After M.I.A. threatened to leak Matangi last month, Interscope finally set a release date for the album, which the label allegedly deemed “too positive” for mass consumption. The infectious but hard-hitting lead single, “Bring the Noize,” harks back to the sound of the singer’s oft-celebrated Arular and Kala, but the follow-up, “Come Walk with Me,” takes a decidedly softer tack, with a summery dub vibe and sing-song melody. At least for the first 90 seconds, which, with its nasal vocals and bleacher-stomping beat, recall Nelly Furtado’s sadly slept-on single “Parking Lot,” after which the track switches gears similar to an early mix that surfaced online over a year ago.

Matangi is scheduled for a November 5th release.