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Lichman and Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Season 5, Episode 2, “Do You Poke Them? or, Vadim Rizov Likes to Poke Children on Facebook”

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Lichman and Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Season 5, Episode 2, “Do You Poke Them? or, Vadim Rizov Likes to Poke Children on Facebook”

Hello Cobble Hills!

This was recorded prior to the end of the World Cup (go #NE…oh wait) so excuse us. In this massive podcast, we shift around everywhere from Marmaduke to Jonah Hex to how The National’s Conversation 16 should be used in a zombie film (INTERNET EXCLUSIVE: MUST CREDIT ME OR ELSE WE’LL SUE YOU USING INTERNET SERIOUS BUSINESS) and…World Cup. I even bug our special guest, The L Magazine’s Film Editor Mark Asch, about where to go and how to learn soccer football before the next World Cup.

I also reveal that I used to walk by the strip club from Crank: High Voltage, we mull over Corey Haim and last film roles—which leads to me discussing the genius of Dinocroc Vs. Supergator, of which Vadim notes “this sounds like Splice but even dumber.” From there, we explore Twilight, the nature of lull weeks and just what the hell it takes two hours to go through?


• John Barrowman: greatest actor of his generation, should’ve been Captain America and Dream Sonnets

28 Weeks Later and its shot for shot rehashing of the Cillian Murphy/Christopher Eccleston fight and the Blade Runner eye gouge.

• Mark Asch inadvertently proves The Last Airbender is Captain Planet.

• We go into the fact that critics may be anti-Shamalyan because they’re too lazy to revisit his past films.

• Nimród Antal.

Marmaduke (this film has destroyed Vadim’s mind, FYI.)

• Sam Elliott, who’s played the same gooddamn role in Ghost Rider, The Big Lebowski, Marmaduke and others.


• Neil Marshall!

• Sons of famous people who are doing things and making me feel old.


Despicable Me and me being enough beers in to try and make some observation about the Minions being a mother figure.

• The confusion of Ehren Kruger and mistaking films that Hideo Nakata may or may not have made.

• Treat Williams!

• Facebook’s “Daniel Plainview” (i.e. the blow-hard guy who’s making the Linda Lovelace film that’ll never be made.)

• “There are 14-year-old boys who want to friend me on Facebook”

• The nature of “helping” films or filmmakers with our work.

• Social media! Twitter! Personal Brands!

And then we just talk about junketeers and the folks who religiously frequent the Magno Screening Room. It’s a long and strange podcast, folks, but perfect for you to listen to as you go on a walkabout.

As always, if you see us at the bar, buy us a drink! Really. (JL)


Editor’s Note: Since this podcast was posted, we received an email from In Review Online Editor-in-Chief Sam C. Mac about some comments directed at his site (specifically that it is “run by 14- and 16-year-olds”). Sam assures us that this is not true, and that his staff ranges from writers in their twenties to writers in their forties (some of whom contribute to other sites as well, including Slant Magazine). We would like to retract these comments.