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Lichman and Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Season 5, Episode 1, “Ejaculating Sawdust”

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Lichman and Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Season 5, Episode 1, “Ejaculating Sawdust”

Ohayo Lincoln Center!

The Grassroots Podcast (voted “Best Podcast to Never Be Nominated for a Podcast Award” by Variety, but the paywall means we can’t link to it) returns!

Of course we’ll get into all sorts of things like Sex and the City 2, Cannes being the prime reason for shooting sawdust out of our metaphorical critical phalluses and the single greatest trainwreck of a video interview ever shot. But we’ve got bigger fish to fry today. In fact, you could say we’re going to…nah, I was going to make a yakitori joke. But that would’ve been lame.

So to help us fight lame, we’ve got Grady Hendrix, he of the multi-headed New York Asian Film Festival hydra, to bring us his thoughts on festival concepts and what’s playing at this year’s series, which runs from June 25 through July 8, as well as its sister program, Japan Cuts at the Japan Society.

Before we get to the nougat-Asian-film-filled center, we’ve got to dissect Jeffrey Wells, the inherent confusion of Sex and the City 2 and why Cannes can’t be fun for people who have to cover it with their super serious “I R JOURNA—OH SHIT, YACHT PARTY!” selves (disclosure: None of us went, though Matt Noller did and you can read his kick-ass coverage here.)

Lauren Wissot has a few films covered in her round up, and you can find mine here.

But who cares about that? Let’s get on with the show—and don’t forget if you see any of us at Lincoln Center, hand us a free Kirin Beer! It’s about goddamn time you paid us back for all the work we do. JL