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Lichman & Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Episode 13 Part 2, “Can-Can-Cannes You Dig It?” with Glenn Kenny & Karina Longworth

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Lichman & Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Episode 13 Part 2, “Can-Can-Cannes You Dig It?” with Glenn Kenny & Karina Longworth

John had to leave for a friend’s farewell dinner after the first break, leaving the podcast solely in my fascistic, power-hungry hands…eh, who am I kidding? Preserving a judicious silence interrupted by occasional ill-timed bleating on my behalf, Pt. 2 is super-delicious and crunchy, just like the first one. It’s also probably the most high-culture one we’ve ever done. John’s absence: cause or coincidence? You decide.

Pt. 2 begins with Karina and Glenn discussing memorable bathroom graffiti; soon we’re back on the Cannes bandwagon, discussing the new Assayas film, Summer Hours (Is it about Frenchness? Technology? Both? Discuss.). Then Karina talks about the “French-Canadian Paranoid Park, but with no homoerotic subtext,” Everything Is Fine, and Glenn and Karina talk about their festival sleeping habits, or lack thereof, and how that makes Lucrecia Martel just that much harder to comprehend. A casual diss of 24 City and a name-check of Dave Kehr later, Glenn offers a historical overview and condemnation of scatalogical content in cinema. Then it’s on to Depardon and Desplechin (who they like) and things they hate (Paolo Sorrentino, we’re gunning for you buddy). Also, we take potshots at Variety and Louis Garrel, just to keep our offensiveness quotient intact, and wind down with about 10 minutes’ worh of loose talk about Philippe Garrel. The Cannes buck stops here, and I spill a beer at the end just to cap it off. I’m an idiot.

Since I’m writing this for once, let me take the opportunity to thank all of you for listening. Lord knows why you do, but we like the silent adulation. Keep your ear to the ground, as we’ll soon post a bonus mini-podcast, where our guests face off on Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired. Until then, as Edward Murrow would say, buy us a drink if/when you see us. Or dinner. Or new apartments. Or pay our ConEd bills. There’s so many things you could do for us, really. Vadim Rizov

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John Lichman is a freelance writer who contributes to The Reeler, Primetime A&E and anyone with cash. He works odd jobs to afford his vices, sleeps on couches and can drink Vadim Rizov under a table.

Vadim Rizov is a New York-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Reeler, Nerve, and, oddly enough, Salt Lake City Weekly.