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Lichman & Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Episode 12a, “In Which We Make No Reference to Sydney Pollack” with Grady Hendrix

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Lichman & Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Episode 12a, “In Which We Make No Reference to Sydney Pollack” with Grady Hendrix

Your contacts aren’t fogged over, faithful listeners, this is in fact Part Two of Episode 12! What’s that you say, you had no idea about a part two of episode 12? Neither did we! Until someone (me) made the mistake of saying that we had two episodes sharing the same title. So rather than re-record, we embrace our punk rock ethics and make you think it was all intentional.

‘Cause it was. (Editor’s Note: As was the title changefrom “mention of Sydney Pollack” to “reference to Sydney Pollack”between podcast recording and publishing. ... Really.)

Anyway, Episode 12a is special since it is a two-fer for us at the podcast: it marks our first return guest, Grady Hendrix (who originally joined us back in Episode 4) to help educate us on the 2008 New York Asian Film Festival, which runs June 20th through July 7th at the IFC Center and as part of Japan Cuts at Japan Society.

Grady not only relates to us the particular nuances of the festival—from Korean cinema’s noticeable absence to the pitfalls of financing an entire festival among a few people—but also pontificates on The Strangers, which opened last Friday and which he reviews at Monsterfest, asking the question, “why hasn’t anyone noticed this is a remake of a French film?” And if they don’t, why are the U.S. distributors not caring?

But mainly, we focus on NYAFF and take Grady’s thoughts on what we must see and why we should support one of New York’s best independent film festivals—and yes, this is a very personal opinion.

Of course, if you’re more in tune with international fare, join us next week when our guests include Glenn Kenny and Spout‘s Karina Longworth as we pick their brain about this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Until then, if you see Vadim or me at the bar, buy us a drink. Please. It hurts to be as dry (and witty) as we are. JL

If you have trouble streaming the above podcast, click here to download it.

John Lichman is a freelance writer who contributes to The Reeler, Primetime A&E and anyone with cash. He works odd jobs to afford his vices, sleeps on couches and can drink Vadim Rizov under a table.

Vadim Rizov is a New York-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Reeler, Nerve, and, oddly enough, Salt Lake City Weekly.