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Lichman & Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Episode 1, “Teeth 2: Teethier”

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Lichman & Rizov “Live” at Grassroots Tavern: Episode 1, “Teeth 2: Teethier”

The idea for this ongoing podcast series was hatched after Vadim, myself, and House Next Door co-editor Keith Uhlich (this installment’s special guest commentator) met at a screening of There Will Be Blood. Fitting then that we discuss that very film during our first episode, in addition to the Paramount-sponsored podcast on No Country for Old Men featuring our colleagues Glenn Kenny, Harry Knowles, Jen Yamoto, Jim Emerson, and Elvis Mitchell. How meta! Other topics include the Opera Jawa non-controversy spurned by Jonathan Rosenbaum, Cloverfield, and a minor argument about what the heck we even call the show.

To be clear, this is John Lichman and Vadim Rizov, “Live” at Grassroots Tavern. And if you ever see me or Vadim there, please buy us drinks. JL

If you have trouble streaming the above podcast, click here to download it.

John Lichman is a freelance writer who contributes to The Reeler, Primetime A&E and anyone with cash. He works odd jobs to afford his vices, sleeps on couches and can drink Vadim Rizov under a table.

Vadim Rizov is a New York-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Reeler, Nerve, and, oddly enough, Salt Lake City Weekly.