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Last Call for Worst Lists

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Last Call for Worst Lists

For weeks now, my esteemed colleague Edward Copeland of Edward Copeland on Film has been soliciting ballots for his poll of the worst Best Picture Oscar winners of all time. Be a dear and help him out, won’t you?

All you have to do is look through the list of Best Picture winners (Copeland helpfully provides one on his own web site; click here to see it) and then list the ten worst movies on that list, with 1 being the worst; then email your ballot to Mr. Copeland at You needn’t have watched every Best Picture winner to vote; just assess what you’ve seen. Final deadline is midnight on Friday, March 31, after which point he’ll begin tabulating the results.

You can read my ballot, followed by a whopping comments thread, by clicking here. Other posted ballots include:

* Self-Styled Siren, who picks “Going My Way” as the all-time worst: “A slobbery Great Dane cheek-lick to the Catholic clergy.”

* Drifting Through the Grift awards the top slot to “Ordinary People,” just because it beat “Raging Bull.”

* The Reaction declares, ““Braveheart is the worst Best Picture winner of all time. Period.”