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Kylie Minogue Gets Physical in New "Sexercise" Music Video

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Kylie Minogue Gets Physical in New “Sexercise” Music Video

One of the biggest disappointments about Kylie Minogue’s new album, Kiss Me Once, is the absence of last year’s buzz single, “Skirt,” an exhilaratingly over-the-top pop-house/dup-step mash-up that found the singer threatening to drop the titular garment. The album’s comparatively mild lead single, “Into the Blue,” is a pretty but rather limp official introduction to Minogue’s first studio effort in four years. Thankfully, the album is sprinkled with a few more memorable dance-floor fillers, including “Sexercise,” a track co-penned by Sia that, sonically and thematically, picks up right where “Skirt” left off. Only it leaves the clothes on the floor. The steamy music video, directed by photographer Will Davidson (who was also at the helm of the similarly toned lyric video for “Skirt”) and stamped with a parental advisory warning, finds Minogue stretching, gyrating, crawling, bouncing, and various other “-ing” verbs in a white one-piece and red pumps. The clip is an obvious homage to Olivia Newton-John’s iconic video for 1981’s “Physical,” but while “Sexercise” preserves the homoeroticism, it pointedly finds little use for men.