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House Playlist: Regina Spektor, Rocket Juice and the Moon, & Craft Spells

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<em>House</em> Playlist: Regina Spektor, Rocket Juice and the Moon, & Craft Spells

Rocket Juice and the Moon featuring Erykah Badu, “Hey Shooter.” “[Tom Tom Club’s] production proves to the Paul Simons of the ’80s how to ebulliently transmute exotic sounds without whitening out their essence,” wrote Ed Gonzalez today in the just published first installment of Slant’s Best Albums of the ’80s. If this new track from the forthcoming Rocket Juice and the Moon jam collective is any indication, members Flea, Damon Albarn, and Tony Allen have taken a page from Tom Tom Club’s playbook. Of course, Allen did work with Fela Kuti in the past, and Rocket Juice did take out a hefty insurance policy by inviting Erykah Badu (who recently Tweeted her love for filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky) into the fold, so it’s really no surprise that the result is a loping, ungainly piece of funky pork belly. Eric Henderson

Craft Spells, “Still Left with Me.” Craft Spells’ “Still Left With Me” manages to both sound right at home alongside the dreamy new-wave revivalists’ 2011 album Idle Labor and traverse uncharted territory. More energetic and electronic-based, “Still Left with Me” has a memorable main riff that delves deep, recalling the heyday of bands like New Order and the Cure. Resembling the crippled relationship that is the song’s subject, the first half of the track is lighthearted and playful, synthesizers echoing and percussion bouncing, while the second half is more intense, the lyrics more forceful. Justin Vallesteros sings about “uncertainty” and “mystery” with regret. Whereas much of Idle Labor focused on successful courtships (“From the Morning Heat,” “After the Moment”), “Still Left with Me” indicates that the forthcoming Gallery EP may be a portrait of darker, lonelier times. Mike LeChevallier

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