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House Playlist: Eminem, GEMS, NSS, & Star Slinger

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<em>House</em> Playlist: Eminem, GEMS, NSS, & Star Slinger

[Editor’s Note: House Playlist is a weekly round-up of all the new music we think you need to hear.]

Eminem, “Rap God”: Last night Eminem premiered the latest single from his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, out November 5th. The epic, not-so-modestly titled track finds the Detroit rapper boasting about his skills amid a flurry of expletives, including his two favorite f-bombs.

GEMS, “Medusa”: The shimmering title track from indie D.C. duo GEMS’ upcoming debut EP is a slick slice of synth-pop featuring singer wispy vocals (courtesy of Lindsay Pitts) backed by a deep droneline and metallic guitar licks.

NSS, “4 All Posse Cut”: In preparation for their upcoming tour, EDM artists Nadastrom, Salva, and Sinden (collectively known as NSS) have dropped this “weird, twisted” (according to Salva) posse cut that deftly mixes techno, breakbeat, Baltimore club music, and dub.

Star Slinger, “Free”: “Free,” which pairs hyper soul-sampling and slick house beats in the style of the Avalanches, is the first taste from Manchester producer/DJ Darren Williams a.k.a. Star Slinger’s debut album, due out next year.