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Home Movies from the Seitz Film House

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Home Movies from the Seitz Film House

Following in the footsteps of casas Coppola and Makhmalbaf, The House Next Door is proud to present a genuine family affair:

1) Richard & Nancy’s Wedding (Photographs from the wedding of Matt Zoller Seitz’s sister-in-law, Nancy Dawson Dastillung, and Matt’s brother, Richard Seitz. Edited by MZS, from snapshots taken by Ella, Jack, James, Leo and Hannah, ages 4-11. For more examples of James Seitz’ photographs, click here.)

2) Leave It All To Us (The first film directed and edited by Hannah Seitz, age 11, starring her brother James, and her cousins Jack, Ella and Leo.)

Matt Zoller Seitz is a filmmaker and Editor Emeritus of The House Next Door.

Hannah Seitz, when asked about the novel she was working on, replied, “Which one?” Way to rub it in, girlfriend.