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HND@Grassroots: Season 2, Episode 12 (30), “Film Critics in Peril on a Cliffhanger”

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HND@Grassroots: Season 2, Episode 12 (30), “Film Critics in Peril on a Cliffhanger”

What’s shaking California?!!

Flim critics are a dying breed, since they’re either stuck online, being laid off from print publications or going off to Grad School. Dave Hudson himself gathers the tales of woe—this is clearly not the time to be a Journalist, but a perfect time to start digging ditches and hoping for New Deals.

But before all that comes to pass, have a listen to this impromptu podcast we recorded in early December featuring Variety associate editor Peter Debruge, who wrote up the whole “OMG NYC HAS BLOG WRITER” trend last week and quotes most of the people he met with. Of course, it’s also important to mention Peter’s invite was forwarded to a good number of us—I got mine through a third party. Don’t fret, I’m still not a real critic dear listeners.

In addition to Peter, we’ve got a decent crowd for this canned chat: Lauren Wissot (Infamous for Various Reasons), Michael Joshua Rowin (The L Magazine, Stop Smiling); House contributor and Cine File Andrew Schenker, S.T. VanAirsdale (The Reeler, Defamer). There’s a myriad of topics covered in this episode, ranging from the soul of a critic to why the hell someone would turn down work based on their soul. We cover it all—and it basically boils down to the following: some people subscribe to that nasty “Journalism” concept; others believe being a critic means keeping chaste, pure, and being able to lift their nose up to work that others would gladly take from them.

This has been Episode 12, “Film Critics in Peril on a Cliffhanger!” Join us next time and find out the following:

1. Did Vadim make rent for the month? (I think so. But he still needs a roommate.)

2. Did I find work at The Onion? (No, they only hire editorial positions internally and I don’t feel like working for free again.)

3. Really, why are the New York Onion staffers such utter cocks? (We blame their swanky SoHo digs.)

4. Are critics fucked? (Sure.)

5. What’s the difference between a critic and a Journalist? (Who knows! Both are out of work!)

6. Will we focus on The Onion as much as we focus on Armond White? (No. Armond is at least a nice guy on occasion. The Onion’s New York office staff never answer their e-mail.)

And if you see Vadim or myself at the bar, buy us a drink! We’re broke and Dave Patterson’s whole “let’s tax soda and booze” nonsense hurts us! John Lichman

Peter Debruge is an associate editor at Variety.

John Lichman is a freelance writer in New York who once broke Digg. He will work for your pennies, scraps and list-making needs.

Vadim Rizov is a New York-based freelance writer. His work has appeared in The Village Voice, The Onion A.V. Club and Paste Magazine, among others.

Michael Joshua Rowin’s writing has appeared in Reverse Shot, The L Magazine, Film Comment, Cineaste, and Stop Smiling.

Andrew Schenker is a freelance writer based in New York. His work can be accessed at The Cine File.

Keith Uhlich is editor of The House Next Door.

S.T. VanAirsdale is editor of The Reeler and a contributor to Defamer and The Huffington Post.

Brooklyn-based writer Lauren Wissot is the publisher of the blog Beyond the Green Door, the author of the memoir Under My Master’s Wings, and a contributor to The Reeler.