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Garbage Releases Dystopian Single “No Horses” Benefiting the Red Cross

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Garbage Releases Dystopian Single “No Horses” Benefiting the Red Cross

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Though “No Horses” isn’t explicitly about the Trump administration, Shirley Manson describes Garbage’s new single as a “panic attack” that imagines a dystopian, über-capitalist future ruled by a regime that values profit above all else. One hundred percent of the band’s earnings from the song, released today, will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

A continuation of the sober, cynical themes of last year’s underappreciated Strange Little Birds, “No Horses” also reprises that album’s stark, industrial-influenced rock. The track builds slowly from an atmospheric drone to a driving beat, another layer of instrumentation introduced with each mantra-like verse. It isn’t until three-and-a-half minutes into Manson’s cautionary tale before anything resembling a hook emerges. And by that point, the singer has warned of jackbooted government thugs that are usually the province of rightwing paranoid fantasies. A little something for everyone.

Watch the politically charged music video below:


Garbage recently released an autobiographical coffee table book titled This Is the Noise That Keeps Me Awake. The band is now touring North America with Blondie.