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Britney Spears Debuts “Ooh La La” from The Smurfs 2

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Britney Spears Debuts “Ooh La La” from <em>The Smurfs 2</em>

After a slight detour into Eurotrash for 2011’s Femme Fatale and faux-English accents on’s “Scream & Shout,” Britney Spears returns to her roots on the Dr. Luke-produced “Ooh La La,” from one of the most hotly anticipated sequels of the year, The Smurfs 2. Another infuriatingly catchy trifle from the superstar pop tart, the “Smurftastic” (her words) single juxtaposes a hard, stomping beat and a brief, quasi-rapped b-section with a sugary, wafer-thin hook backed by acoustic guitars. The lyrics are, of course, completely nonsensical (“Baby come with me and be my ooh la la”), but they’ll no doubt be burned into your brain by the end of the summer. The soundtrack, which also features “I’m Too Smurfy” by Right Said Fred, is out July 23rd.