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Björk Blisses Out in Music Video for “Blissing Me”

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Björk Blisses Out in Music Video for “Blissing Me”

Icelandic pop goddess Björk has released what is, perhaps, her most melodic song in years with “Blissing Me,” the second single from her forthcoming album Utopia. A thematic descendant of the artist’s 1995 electronic hymn “Headphones,” the track is composed of a series of verses but no traditional hook, as Björk sings of trading MP3s with a fellow “music nerd” over a spare arrangement of harp and digital programming. The music and vocals grow more intricate as she becomes increasingly filled with doubt: “My woe and longing are too visceral/Did I just fall in love with love?”

Shot in a single take by directors Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, the music video for “Blissing Me” finds Björk dancing—swirling, really—blissfully against a white backdrop. The singer’s big ruffled top and bright yellow platform shoes are complemented by elaborate makeup and hair that bring to mind a Snapchat filter come to life.

Watch below:


Utopia is out next week.