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Audio Podcast: Duel-ing Banjos

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Audio Podcast: Duel-ing Banjos

As part of House contributor Kevin Lee’s endeavor to watch the 1000 greatest films of all time (as calculated by the website They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?), a screening of Steven Spielberg’s Duel (ranked 820 on the TSPDT list and the 908th film from the list Kevin has seen) was organized last week, with Kevin, House Next Door editor Keith Uhlich, House contributor Steven Boone of the blog Big Media Vandalism, and Andrew “Filmbrain” Grant of the blog Like Anna Karina’s Sweater. The screening was held at an especially apt venue, the DRV-IN at Grand Opening, currently the only drive in theater in Manhattan. DRV-IN will close its doors at the end of March but will reopen at a larger venue later in the year. Special thanks to Cindi Rowell for recording the audio.

Podcast Topic Index (time is viewable by downloading the audio to your desktop and opening via iTunes, iPod or other media player):

0:00 - Introduction
0:50 - Spielberg then and now
5:40 - Spielberg’s sensualism
7:20 - The subjective Everyman
9:25 - Comparing cinematographers: Kaminski, Daviau, Slocombe
14:40 - About “ornaments”
16:40 - “Making you feel it”
19:15 - Dennis Weaver vs. Tom Cruise
20:20 - Spielberg Hearts Rivette?!?
22:00 - Spielberg and his peers - who’s lost the least?

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Kevin B. Lee is a filmmaker based in New York City. He has written for Cinema-Scope, The Chicago Reader, Senses of Cinema and Slant. His website is