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Annie, Are You Okay?

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Annie, Are You Okay?

According to last week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, reality television honcho Mark Burnett opted to cut away from two lesbian kisses during the Thanksgiving Day episode of Survivor where the cast was briefly reunited with their loved ones. His response:

I’d be an idiot not to notice both the way the country voted and the backlash from the FCC that came off of Janet Jackson’s [big black tittie]. I wanted to protect my franchise and didn’t think it was right to show both lesbian kisses at 8 o’clock.”

Apparently a nonsexual kiss between the 60-year-old Scout and Annie, her partner of 26 years, and a benign smooch between survivor Ami and her girlfriend of three years are just as offensive as Janet flashing her tit in front of ninety million viewers on live TV. Burnett claims CBS had no involvement in the decision, but evidently it’s okay to show first season winner Richard, who happens to be a raging homo, rubbing his naked cock up against two-time loser Sue on last season’s All Stars edition, or Ted dry-humping Ghandia while she slept innocently in Thailand (they’re both black—shouldn’t that have gotten the red states’ panties in a twitch too?). Hey, Burnett, it’s reality television—if you’re not going to show us the reality of gay relationships, then don’t cast gay people on your shows. I expect more from a Brit.