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5 for the Day: Life-Changing Criticism

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5 for the Day: Life-Changing Criticism

In honor of critic and blogger Andy Horbal’s Dec 1-3 salute to criticism in all its permutations, we asked contributors and critics from other sites to name the writers, reviews, books, moments and other phenomena that altered their view of what movies or criticism could be.

As was hoped, each writer responded in his or her own idiosyncratic way. But as copy flowed in, we realized the volume of submissions meant that we couldn’t print them all in a single day on this site, together or separately, because it would have been too unwieldy. So the pieces have been published at an annex website created specifically for this event.

To see all the contibutions table-of-contents style on the annex site, click here. Or you want to go a la carte, you can click one one of the names below.

Steven Boone
Dennis Cozzalio
Bilge Ebiri
Annie Frisbie
Kenji Fujishima
Dan Jardine
Ryland Walker Knight
Sheila O’Malley
Matt Zoller Seitz
Girish Shambu
Harry Tuttle
Keith Uhlich

Thanks to Keith for coming up with the topic, thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks, Andy, for suggesting this event in the first place, then being crazy enough to actually follow through. And for anyone who’s interested, that image up top is “The Critic Osip Brik,” by Aleksandr Rodchenko, circa 1924.