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15 Famous Vampire Hunters

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15 Famous Vampire Hunters

For high-concept, lowbrow thrills, your hot ticket this weekend is surely Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Timor Bekmambetov’s visualization of Seth Grahame-Smith’s why-the-hell-not novel, which reimagines that most benevolent president as a part-time vamp vanquisher. The revisionist actioner may not be bound for the bloodsucker canon, but its lead character proudly continues a surprisingly prevalent filmic trend: that of the hero whose key duty is to pound a proverbial stake through the heart of evil. From Blade to Buffy, we’ve always needed fearless soldiers to battle creatures of the night, and to make sure that the only thing Dracula and company are biting is the dust.


Wesley Snipes in Blade (1998). Just before he fell into obscurity, Wesley Snipes gave us one last kick-ass character, a half-vampire “Day Walker” named Blade, who fights to keep a growing army of sharp-toothed fiends at bay. Armed with a silver sword that only answers to him, and boasting a sidekick played by iron-spined Kris Kristofferson, Blade wages war against Stephen Dorff’s head honcho, who has an in with a special someone called the “Blood God.” Blade craves blood, too, but he’s got the whole thing down to a safe and respectable science: needles.


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