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15 Famous Movie Phone Calls

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15 Famous Movie Phone Calls

Budding blonde Ari Graynor continues the R-rated femme comedy trend this weekend in For a Good Time, Call…, a naughty film that pairs the funny gal with brunette Lauren Miller (otherwise known as Mrs. Seth Rogen). Inspired by Miller’s college exploits with roommate and co-writer Katie Ann Naylon, the movie casts the leading pair as sparring roomies turned phone sex operators, a scenario that soon proves especially lucrative. Phones may have undergone a lot of makeovers in recent years, but their effectiveness on screen has been solid since the days of the candlestick model. In honor of the new fantasy-fulfilling comedy’s basis in ring-a-ding-ding, we’ve gathered up 15 films with highly memorable phone calls, which run the gamut from disarming to terrifying.

When a Stranger Calls

When A Stanger Calls (1979). Babysitters don’t fare so well on the horror front, as evidenced by everyone from Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween to Carol Kane in this domestic thriller, about a murderer who rings up Cane’s caretaker and threatens to kill her and the kids. “Have you checked the children?” the caller famously asks, before it’s later revealed that he’s—OMG!—calling from inside the home.


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