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15 Famous Movie Ledges

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15 Famous Movie Ledges

Hitting theaters this week is Man on a Ledge, a rather unsubtly titled thriller that stars Sam Worthington as a guy whose nowhere-left-to-turn predicament has him doing the old wave-down-at-the-masses bit. This isn’t the first time Worthington has flirted with dizzying precipices (his motion-captured doppelgänger braved the floating mountains of Pandora), and it certainly isn’t the first time Hollywood has tormented acrophobics. Movies have long been living on the edge, ever intent on serving up vicarious vertigo. For proof, here’s a list of 15 memorable movie ledges, from cliffs to rooftops to ominous subway platforms. Safety nets not included.

Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise (Dir. Ridley Scott; 1991). Whee! Granting Thelma’s (Geena Davis) request that the feminist fugitives “just keep going,” Louise (Susan Sarandon) puts the pedal to the floor and sends the duo’s ’66 Thunderbird sailing over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Let’s just pretend they’re off chilling with Danny and Sandy, in whatever place those hand-jivers wound up after their big boat of a car took flight at the end of Grease.


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