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15 Famous Movie Hicks

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15 Famous Movie Hicks

Chloë Moretz and Blake Lively get their hillbilly on in Hick, one of this weekend’s Dark Shadows alternatives and, quite possibly, one of the year’s worst. It is indeed good for something, though, as it’s inspired this 15-wide roster of cinema’s unforgettable rednecks. While far more prevalent in recent movies, characters who don’t quite hail from the upper crust have long been giving fuel to the likes of Jeff Foxworthy, who might have made the list himself if not out-hicked by a slew of fictional kinfolk. Whether hailing from the sticks or the trailer park, these hayseeds might even make Jerry Springer blush.

Sling Blade

Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade (1996). In the role that made him a star and netted him a Best Actor Oscar nod, Billy Bob Thornton pilots Sling Blade, a rural Arkansas drama he also penned and directed. Thornton’s disabled character, Karl Childers, is fresh from a mental hospital he hasn’t left since killing his mom as a child, and his new activities include working in an engine-repair shop and befriending a young Lucas Black. Sling Blade is packed with rednecks played by the likes of Dwight Yoakam, Robert Duvall, and J.T. Walsh, but its Thornton’s benevolent hick who steals the show.


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