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15 Famous Missing Persons

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15 Famous Missing Persons

In a role that’s sure to further squander her talent, big-eyed blonde Amanda Seyfried returns this weekend in Gone, a paranoid thriller that sees her character go rogue when the police won’t help her find her missing sister. Lots of folks go missing in the movies—kids, Dames, drugged fiancés, imaginary inmates—and some of the most memorable are right here in this list. So while Seyfried hopefully kicks off another search (for a new agent), click on through to see which cinematic abductees are here—and, if you feel so inclined, tell us which ones are, you know, missing.


Brawley Nolte in Ransom (1996). Angelina Jolie’s snatched son in Changeling nearly made this list, but ultimately, there was only room for one film with an overplayed, trailer-ready, parental top-blowing plea, and Mel Gibson’s “Give me back my son!” trumps Jolie’s “I want MY son back!” any day of the week. Brawley Nolte, the blonde boy on the screen behind Mad Mel, is indeed the son of Nick (lookie here). Fitting that after this Ron Howard thriller, he more or less went missing too.


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