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15 Famous Masked Men

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15 Famous Masked Men

In The Dark Knight Rises, a film that got a tragic boost of unexpected publicity yesterday, Batman returns in all his superheroic glory, a growly pariah back to restore the city for which he marred his image. The black-clad character emerges from the shadows, yet still keeps himself concealed, thanks to that trusty cowl that’s become one of pop culture’s most iconic disguises. Men in masks have been darting across the movie screen since the days of silents and serials, and their popularity shows no signs of diminishing. In honor of this crime-fighting, blockbuster weekend, we’ve rallied together 15 other films that also place masked men front and center.

The Mark of Zorro

Tyrone Power in The Mark of Zorro (1940). Based on Johnston McCulley’s original story, The Curse of Capistrano, this old-Hollywood swashbuckler saw Tyrone Power assume the role eventually inherited by Antonio Banderas, and cross swords with debonair Basil Rathbone, one of the finest fencers in the business. An originator of the vigilante’s wrist-flicking “Z” signature, Power’s character goes by Don Diego before taking the name of “El Zorro,” which, in English, aptly translates as “the fox.”


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