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15 Famous Fights to the Death

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15 Famous Fights to the Death

Nearly two dozen teens bite the big one in The Hunger Games, sure to be cinema’s most popular source of adolescent bloodshed. There’s no darker vicarious thrill than watching someone perish on screen, as many an action junkie will certainly tell you. In light of Jennifer Lawrence’s blockbuster standoff against her oppressed peers, we’ve got 15 Famous Fights to the Death, which, together, should sate even the bloodthirstiest film fans.


Sigourney Weaver and the Alien Queen in Aliens (1986). It’s become a rally cry for every pop-savvy supermom: “Get. Away. From. Her. You. Bitch.” The sight of Sigourney Weaver strapped into a yellow robot loader may have first elicited laughs, but surely no one was giggling once she got down to business with the Alien Queen, who puts up quite a fight and nearly tears her opponent’s leg off before being jettisoned into space. A most epic fatal scuffle.


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