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15 Famous Dance Numbers

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15 Famous Dance Numbers

This weekend, the Step Up franchise returns with Step Up Revolution, an installment that takes the action to Miami, but likely can’t trump the heat of its irresistible predecessor, Step Up 3D. Still, its release presents the perfect opportunity to glance back at famous movie dance numbers, whose smooth moves paved the way for the flash-mob spectacle the new film boasts. Before there was Channing Tatum (and his lineage of avatar successors), there were Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Moira Shearer, and, yes, Sarah Jessica Parker. Before you get a load of the latest hotties and hardbodies to stomp the yard, check out the 15 films we’ve shortlisted for their unforgettable steps.


“Put the Blame on Mame” in Gilda (1946). Charles Vidor’s Gilda is known for two showstopping dance numbers, both of them choreographed by the famous Jack Cole. “Amada Mio” is technically the better of the pair, but the more iconic is certainly “Put the Blame on Mame,” which sees our title gal (Rita Hayworth) lip synch the crooning of Anita Ellis while slowly stripping off the black gloves that complete her sexy satin ensemble. Risque for the time, Gilda’s striptease is meant to make her possessive husband jealous. What it wound up doing was launching countless lounge-singer homages.


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