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15 Famous Big Weddings

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15 Famous Big Weddings

This weekend, multiplexes will be hit with what’s surely aiming to be the Valentine’s Day of wedding flicks. Directed by Justin Zackham, The Big Wedding packs Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Robin Williams, and more into a cast that’s led my Amanda Seyfried and Ben Barnes as the bride and groom. The titular celebration calls to mind a whole lot of substantial cinema nuptials, which stretch from good to great, and occur within chick flicks and masterpieces. We’ve rounded up 15 movie weddings that—aw, hell—take the cake.

Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding (2001). Now releasing her latest feature, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, upon the world, Mira Nair made a major splash 12 years ago with Monsoon Wedding, her rich and infectious tale that charts the goings-on of an arranged marriage within her own Punjabi culture. True to the director’s favored theme of western-culture-versus-eastern-tradition, the buoyant movie sees people of all walks come together, and unites them through color, drama, and song (the latter proving memorable enough to launch a Broadway musical, set to debut in 2014).


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