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Give Me Your Hand

Give Me Your Hand

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Pascal-Alex Vincent’s Give Me Your Hand is nothing if not vague. The film begins as animation, with two French dudes resembling Voltron pilots dodging a speeding train. Crisis averted, they trudge forward no less dubiously in live action, with the young risk-takers (twins Alexandre and Victor Carril) walking—sometimes hitchhiking—their way to Spain to attend the funeral of the mother they say they never knew. Why they didn’t know her or why they can’t pay their way there is never up for discussion as Vincent is too busy drooling over their striking faces and succulent bodies. All through France and into Spain, no one can keep their hands off the young bucks, whose relationship to each other is predicated on much roughhousing—interrupted only by the occasional pat on the head or homoerotic glance. Highlights of their trip include: a roadside boinking in which one gives it to his vaguely comatose, Rubenesque honey in her Volkswagen beetle, while the other takes his conquest up into the trees; one twin bathing naked in a river while the other looks on with a vague mixture of rage and lust; and one prostituting the other after catching his bro a day or so earlier happily engaging in sodomy with some vaguely ethnic farmhand. Presumably the film is meant as an inquiry into the furiously existential ties between twins, possibly even their search for individualism, but what this dreamy tour of the French and Spanish countryside more accurately represents is the most attractively shot twin porn off all time.

Strand Releasing
78 min
Pascal-Alex Vincent
Martin Drouot, Olivier Nicklaus, Pascal-Alex Vincent
Alexandre Carril, Victor Carril, Anaïs Demoustier, Samir Harrag, Katrin Saß, Fernando Ramallo, Patrick Hauthier, Maya Borker, Michel Grateau, Oswaldo Parma, Elsa Malterre