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You guys are awesome. How do I write for Slant?

Please refer to our Contribute page for more information.

I want to advertise on Slant. Who do I contact?

Playwire handles our advertising. Please contact your Playwire representative or email us directly at and we’ll forward your message to the appropriate person.

Where should I send my press release?

For film, DVD, video game, theater, and book-related releases, contact Ed Gonzalez. For music and TV-related queries, contact Sal Cinquemani.

I want you to consider our DVD, Blu-ray, album, or video game for review. Who do I send a copy to?

We prefer not to receive unsolicited review copies, but if you would like to inquire about the possibility of a review, please direct film, DVD, video game, theater, and book-related queries to Ed Gonzalez and music and TV-related queries to Sal Cinquemani.

You made a mistake in one of your pieces. Where do I report editorial errors?

I’m having issues with something not displaying correctly. Who do I contact?

If you’ve disabled ad-block to ensure that isn’t the culprit, please contact



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