Deer Tick More Fuel for the Fire

Deer Tick More Fuel for the Fire

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A short, muscular burst of energy, Deer Tick’s More Fuel for the Fire EP plays as a crash course in modern Southern-rock revisionism. There are four songs here, each of them sampling a style of old-school rock and country collusion and placing them in an up-to-date, skillful pastiche that never feels like outright pantomime. “La La La” inhabits the pose of the laidback, no-problems drinking song, humming with an ascendant slide guitar that sounds made for a barroom jukebox, and adding some honky-tonk piano for good measure. “Dance of Love” keeps things moving, utilizing a familiar rollicking drum-roll beat that never feels worn out, hopping from one charging guitar solo to the next. “Axe Is Forever” is a boozy, croaky-voiced romp, putting its feet up noisily and taking off its boots, keeping up a louche energy while trailing off into contrived raggedness. Finally, “Straight Into a Storm” captures the sound of the band’s live show—messy with a charmingly frayed sense of play. It all adds up to a nicely calculated effort: all the good-time country hallmarks with none of the tears or strife—one that, at 11 minutes, proves an effective primer that leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

Release Date
November 30, 2009
at iTunes

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