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White Material

[Editor's Note: Tuesday Video Alert is a weekly column announcing "notable" titles fresh to DVD and/or Blu-ray, sometimes as reissues, and in every region under the sun.]


White Material [The Criterion Collection, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "White Material is the suffocating smoke of colonialist ideology billowing up into the air. White Material is the last gasp of Maria Vial. White Material is Claire Denis's striking line in the sand." Glenn Heath Jr.

Le Cercle Rouge [The Criterion Collection, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1].

Tracy & Hepburn: The Definitive Collection [Warner Home Video, DVD, Region 1].

Netflix It:

The Incredibles [Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Less cynical and infinitely more hopeful than Team America, The Incredibles looks to redefine the meaning of family-friendly entertainment" Ed Gonzalez

Ricky [MPI Home Video, DVD, Region 1]: "Before taking a fantastical turn midway that's one of the most unforeseeable in years, Ricky simmers as a naturalistic drama of a haphazardly recreated family under strain." Bill Weber

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 [Warner Home Video, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "As with its predecessors, Deathly Hallows's narrative is driven by gobbledygook devices: supernatural totems, indestructible weapons, enigmatic incantations, and vital symbols that hold the key to unlocking the secrets of aged myths." Nick Schager

Marwencol [Cinema Guild, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "In Marwencol, Jeff Malmberg's video imagery, captured by point-and-shoot camerawork, and livened up with big band music from time to time, can't hold a candle to outsider artist Hogancamp's work." Lauren Wissot

Cars [Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Though an intrinsic part of NASCAR's appeal involves witnessing horrific high-speed pile-ups, there's little enjoyment to be had in watching Pixar—after a decade-long run of producing superlative children's films—suffer its maiden (albeit minor) wreck with the second-rate Cars." NS

Behind the Burly Q [First Run Features, DVD, Region 1]: "Behind the Burly Q is most entertaining when it allows its impressive collection of talking heads, including aged dancers and the descendents of famous funny men, to dig into the social significance of their claim to stage fame." Joseph Jon Lanthier

Plastic Planet [First Run Features, DVD, Region 1]: "In Plastic Planet, Werner Boote raises some vital and alarming points about the widespread dangers of synthetic materials and the corporations who knowingly introduce these dangerous products into the marketplace." Andrew Schenker

I'm Dangerous with Love [First Run Features, DVD, Region 1]: "Toward the middle of I'm Dangerous with Love, Negroponte ingests the narcotic himself, and the predictably lysergic results couldn't be stuffier." JJL

Car 54 Where Are You: Complete First Season [Shanachie Entertainment, DVD, Region 1].

Adua and Her Friends [Raro Video, DVD, Region 1].

The Bob Hope Collection: Volume 2 [Shout! Factory, DVD, Region 1].

The Secret of Dorian Gray [Raro Video, DVD, Region 1].

Future Coasters:

The Paranoids [Oscilloscope Laboratories, DVD, Region 1]: "An introverted writer's failure to define himself positively to the world leads to others framing his persona to their own advantage in The Paranoids, a frustratingly underdeveloped Argentinian dramedy about the perils of emotional retreat." Ryan Stewart

Highwater [Image Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "The only perceivable worth of Highwater—the latest from Endless Summer scion Dana Brown—is as an instructive artifact, illustrating how industry has transformed surfing culture over the last four decades." JJL

Country Strong [Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Subtlety has never been a Hollywood strong suit, but Country Song's dual character trajectory about young music stars rising and an aged one falling is about as transparent as it gets." GH

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