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Raging Bull

[Editor's Note: Tuesday Video Alert is a weekly column announcing "notable" titles fresh to DVD and/or Blu-ray, sometimes as reissues, and in every region under the sun.]


Raging Bull [MGM Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, R1]: "Martin Scorsese might never again find a subject as ideal as Jake LaMotta, the Bronx-based boxer whose public bouts and private demons Raging Bull chronicles with such bruising acuity." Matthew Connolly

The Social Network [MGM Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, R1]: "This elegantly and scrupulously produced Blu-ray of The Social Network essentially serves as an all-in-one For Your Consideration campaign for David Fincher's soon-to-be Best Picture-winner." Ed Gonzalez

Alamar [Film Movement, DVD, R1]: "Alamar is as much about the way a coat of yellow paint looks spread across wooden planks as it is the tender regard a father bestows on his son or the manner by which a lobster is speared and stripped." Andrew Schenker

Army of Shadows [The Criterion Collection, Blu-ray, R1]: "Army of Shadows works first and foremost on a sensory plane, with Jean-Pierre Melville's carefully modulated pans, edits, and juxtapositions coalescing into a mood that straddles the boundary between historical authenticity and stylistic artifice." Nick Schager

Once Upon a Time in America [Warner Home Video, Blu-ray, R1].

Robinson Crusoe on Mars [The Criterion Collection, Blu-ray, R1].

Netflix It:

Dances with Wolves [MGM Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, R1]: "If Dances with Wolves's visual splendor lacks profundity, Kevin Costner does provide a handful of transcendent moments, the most spellbinding of which is Dunbar's participation in a Sioux Buffalo hunt." NS

Piranha 3D [Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, R1]: "The proceedings' obscene gore is, like its softcore jokiness, so extreme and campy—epitomized by a hair-caught-in-propeller scalping—that the trashy, merciless Piranha 3D proves a worthy heir to its brazen exploitation-cinema forefathers." NS

Alpha and Omega [Lionsgate Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, R1]: "Though Alpha and Omega screenwriters Chris Denk and Steve Moore often confuse lazy, wispy, and knowingly limited storytelling with sweet low-key cartoon melodrama, and the film features some pretty cheap-looking, unimaginative animation, this is still a holistically passable cine-experience."" Simon Abrams

Hearbreaker [MPI Home Video, DVD, R1]: "Heartbreaker's best ideas come courtesy of There's Something About Mary, while its worst are ripped straight from the rom-com boilerplate." AS

LennonNYC [A&E Home Video, Blu-ray, R1]: "There is a turning point which not only leads to the justification of LennonNYC being made, but reveals it as the strongest documentary about the Liverpool-born songwriter and musician released to date. " Chris Cabin

Hot in Cleveland: Season One [TV Land, DVD, R1]: "Hot in Cleveland fits in perfectly on TV Land since it already feels like a relic, a show from an alternate reality where Seinfeld never happened, let alone the likes of single-camera mockumentary-style sitcoms like The Office and Arrested Development." Peter Swanson

Funny or Die Presents: Season One [HBO Home Video, DVD, R1].

Future Coasters:

The Freebie [Phase 4 Films, DVD, R1]: "I'm all for willing couples engaging in swinging, but it's painfully evident from the start of The Freebie what the result is going to look like for this particular pair." AS

The Great Debaters [The Weinstein Company, Blu-ray, R1]: "Denzel Washington's The Great Debaters is a based-on-real-events story with an unimpeachable message—that education begets true strength and courage—and nary a moment that doesn't subscribe to hackneyed conventions designed to coddle rather than stimulate." NS

Shake Hands with the Devil [Entertainment One, DVD, R1]: "Shake Hands with the Devil's top-down viewpoint protects us from the sinewy, sickening details while assigning crucial blame, but in doing so it's just as dismissive of the doomed Rwandans as the UN." Joseph Jon Lanthier

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