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Wii U

The Wii U launches on Sunday and the reviews so far, like this one, are tepid.

For those considering buying it, let Time guide you.

Click here to watch Alfred Hitchcock's The White Shadow.

Kurt Cobain had great taste in music.

Francis Ford Coppola travels back to Bernalda.

DOC NYC announces its awards for 2012.

Check out a clip from the all new season of Portlandia.

Our own Andrew Schenker covers Variety's Power of Comedy show.

How the Benghazi controversy unfolded.

Hipsters, please contribute to the Mark Rappaport hostage situation.

Rich Juzwiak reports that th enew Rihanna/Chris Brown duet is great, unfortunately.

The (snide) reason for why MTV doesn't play music videos anymore:

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