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J. Hoberman

Yesterday, J. Hoberman was unbelievably laid off by the Village Voice. Today, Hoberman writes a letter to his colleagues. Good luck, Jim.

Related: Ten lessons for critics from Hoberman.

Stephanie Zacharek explains why she likes The Artist.

Louis Vuitton sues Warner Bros. for using fake bag in The Hangover Part II.

David Lynch remixes Zola Jesus.

The irony behind celebrating Reality Bites as an indie classic.

Keith Olbermann in a clash at new job.

For The Guardian, Seumas Milne on the drive to rehabilitate Margaret Thatcher's image.

The media will try to persuade you there's still a Republican race. Do not pay attention.

David Bordwell saw lots of films digitally projected last year.

Below, the video for Rihanna's "You Da One":

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