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The Golden Globes have announced their nominations and Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life leads the pack with 8 nods. Kidding.

Related: Nine observations about the nominations.

Madonna inks new label deal for March album.

The films of Steven Spielberg, an introduction by Matt Zoller Seitz, Ali Arikan, and Serena Bramble.

Armond White on embargo blues.

Every film on this list that I've seen is indeed terrible.

Because 25 is too little, and 100 to gluttonous, PopMatters gives us their 75 best albums of 2011.

Andrew Sullivan backs Ron Paul for the GOP nomination.

Leonardo DiCaprio is bringing Beat the Reaper to HBO.

The racist Christmas tradition Dutch people have begun fighting about.

Fox News uses an Obama image to identify Mitt Romney.

Dana Stevens's favorite movies of 2011 left her scraping herself off the floor.

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