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Curiosity rover lands safely on Mars.

Sikh temple gunman is identified as Wade Michael Page, an army vet and white supremacist.

With a reissue of the soundtrack to Eraserhead set for release this week, David Lynch talks to Pitchfork about creating its eerie, factory-world soundscapes.

This is really cool: Usain Bolt versus 116 years of Olympic sprinters.

Armond White asks, "Citizen Kane or Vertigo, which is more fun?"

David Simon remembers DeAndre McCullough.

Bruce Wagner's Dead Stars, to Stephanie Zacharek, doesn't work as Hollywood satire.

Is Paul Thomas Anderson having difficulties getting The Master exhibited in 70mm?

And there was a secret screening of The Master on Friday.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's eldest son has made a very public statement.

Roger Avary's first post-prison interview.

There are good cops and then there are bad ones.

Antony and the Johnsons' "Cut the World" music video stars Willem Dafoe, Marina Abramović, and Carice van Houten:

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