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Boy Scout Pascal Tessier

The Boy Scouts of America voted yesterday to lift its ban on gay youth.

In other news, this scout-leader mom is London's hottest hero.

Pope Francis states that performing "good works" is not exclusive to people of faith.

The Coke ad that could destroy all other products, especially Coke.

Amanda Bynes threw a bong out a New York window and got arrested.

Palme d'Awful: The worst films for sale at Cannes, in pictures.

Three survivors were pulled from icy waters after a Washington state bridge collapsed.

Mad Men's Ken Cosgrove dances to Daft Punk.

And so does Celine Dion.

The outlook for this summer's hurricane season is not good.

David Edelstein thinks that Fast & Furious 6 is more fun than any other fifth sequel.

Mariah Carey's "Oh shit" GMA wardrobe malfunction.

Courtesy of Slacktory, behold Arrested Godfather:

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