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Hello Tribeca!

Welcome to our season finale! You see, we've never really been concerned with an actual length or strict definition when it came to the seasons, especially since I blow in and out of New York more frequently than a summer breeze. So this'll be the end to our latest season. Will we return? Will there be more episodes? Why haven't you bought me or Vadim drinks for the last two years?! WTF people!

Anyway. We go out on a high note as Dan Sallitt (Thanks for the Use of the Hall) and Farran Smith Nehme (Self-Styled Siren) join us to discuss auteurist theory, the gaps of generational understanding when it comes to such directors as Akira Kurosawa, which Vadim addressed here and a Voice article we reference here. And of course, we bring up Avatar and the finer points of becoming disenfranchised with how film, film criticism and blogs deal with these things.

So until the next time we return to our hallowed bar, remember: If you see either of us you're required by duty and honor to buy us a drink. Or at least invite Vadim onto a panel. Lord knows he's got the socks for it.

Later! JL

Podcast (Total Running Time: 41:50)

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