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The Times of Harvey Milk

[Editor's Note: Tuesday Video Alert is a weekly column announcing "notable" titles fresh to DVD and/or Blu-ray, sometimes as reissues, and in every region under the sun.]


The Times of Harvey Milk [The Criterion Collection, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "The inevitability that public officials of non-heterosexual orientations will invariably find their sexuality morphing into a political statement beyond their control is reflected in Rob Epstein's seminal 1984 queer documentary The Times of Harvey Milk." Eric Henderson

Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse [The Criterion Collection, DVD, Region 1].

Our Hospitality [Kino International, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1].

Le Amiche [Eureka Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 2]: "Le Amiche is a documentary, in the sense that the movie is a literal recording of people interacting with the world." Aaron Cutler

La Signora Senza Camelie [Eureka Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 2].

Netflix It:

The Windmill Movie [Zeitgeist Films, DVD, Region 1]: "The Windmill Movie is a stirring autobiography-by-proxy." Nick Schager

How Do You Know [Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "James L. Brooks's fitfully sparkling, more often sluggish How Do You Know would be less disappointing if the writer-director hadn't, at least in Broadcast News and his '70s sitcom-helming heyday, consistently brought snap and focus to popular adult comedy." Bill Weber

Looking for Palladin [Monterey Video, DVD, Region 1]: "Looking for Palladin's first half is a refreshing portrait of an idyllic elsewhere that seems to have escaped globalization's commodify-or-die edicts." Diego Costa

Stand By Me [20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Sympathy for the Devil [Fabulous Films, Blu-ray, Region 2].

Taking Off [Carlotta Films, Blu-ray, Region 2].

Jackson County Jail/Caged Heat [Shout! Factory, DVD, Region 1].

The Bible: In the Beginning [20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire [Image Entertainment, DVD, Region 1].

Against All Odds [Image Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Awakenings [Image Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Dr. Dolittle [20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Random Hearts [20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Riddick Collection [Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Spy Game/State of Play [Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1].

Future Coasters:

Yogi Bear [Warner Home Video, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Yogi Bear is pretty bad, but it's not apocalyptically horrid—and that's its biggest problem." Simon Abrams

Meskada [Anchor Bay Entertainment, DVD, Region 1]: "An exercise in genre mimicry so flawless you could watch the Swahili-dubbed version and you'd still know exactly what the characters are saying, Meskada lays out all of the clichés, formal and conceptual, of the murder-mystery television plot and executes them with the kind of generic hand that makes McG's oeuvre seem avant-garde." Glenn Heath Jr.

Skyline [Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Skyline has one semi-inspired moment, and an hour and a half of intolerable ones." NS

The Tourist [Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD/Blu-ray, Region 1]: "When not simply functioning as a sorry excuse for a thriller, The Tourist also operates as the Angelina Jolie Ego Trip Show." NS

The End of Poverty? [Cinema Libre Studio, DVD, Region 1]: "Narrated by a grating Martin Sheen, The End of Poverty? crosses four continents and cuts between talking-head academics and impoverished citizens, but it gets off to a slow start on the wrong foot with its thesis." Lauren Wissot

Flicka [20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Flicka is a beautifully photographed slice of pony porn for the preteen set." Preston Jones

Robots [20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, Region 1]: "Robots more or less confirms that production studio Blue Sky is likely to be remembered as the Jan to Pixar's Marcia and PDI's Cindy." Ed Gonzalez

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